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We are experienced. We have all done a long journey in our professions. Now we are willing to help you with yours. Together we will help you fill in the blanks. We will help you setting up a strategic roadmap for reaching your goals. We will help you convert it into plans and actions. We will help you dealing with potential conflicts on the way. We will help you finding new solutions, based on knowledge and proven experince

We all have a backround in professions closely connected to high risk and high performance teams. We are confident in developing individuals and teams, even the best ones, to perform even better. That will for sure increase chances of profit.

We are helping companies, authorities and organisations with strategic advise, through knowlege and experience, leading to a more sustainable future.



We believe in more sustainable fossil-free future with no CO2  emission. We se no other way ahead and we believe we are in a hurry. 

The world is changing around us and so is the climate.

We therefore believe in a strong defence and in climate actions, where there are room for both.

We are all in this together, why the only way forward is together, through knowledge and experience, leading to understanding and a good starting point for dialogue. Collaboration is the key and we are positive we can assist.


Strategic advice with focus on sustainability

A well defined and structured process

  "The Green Parachute"

Many energy companies are doing there best with sustainable and fossil-free projects. Many governments are doing there best to reach the 2045 climate goal set by the EU to be climate neutral. Yet there are numerous of cases where goverments and companies lose several years of important time due to misunderstandings and outdated policies. We do not have this time to waste.

Parachute Consulting will facilitate for all parties, governmental branches, energy companies and other organisations to communicate with each other and navigate together, towards our common climate goal.

Our objective is to help to speed up the process and facilitate a  more holistic and reciprocal way ahead.

There is no time to lose.

Wind Mil(itary) Screening

The armed forces are bussy with the situation evolving in close proximity to our region. At the same time the Swedish goverment has given the armed forces a directive for an expansion in historical proportions. Also Sweden and Finland is prepareing for joining Nato.

We have the greatest respect for our friends in the armed forces are going through some hard work right now.

At the same time there is an enrmous threat regarding our clime. We have all realized that we can not go on like this.

There is a hughe well demand for more and well needed fossile-free energy.

At Parachute we want to contribute to a continous high pace regarding the green transition. 

Something we see that we can and will do.

We see no other option.

What is Wind Mil Screening?

  • A screening in an early phase out of several military perspectives.
  • An initial estimate and analysis regerding possibilities for co-existence with military activity.
  • A recommendation for continuation of the process.

With Wind Mil Screening we create possibilities for a continuing high pace process.

The analysis does not in any way replace a pronouncement from the armed forces and it only consists of open source information.

However we are quite sure our injects will help companies and organisations to save time and money.



Elnätschef Luleå Energi

 ”Tobhias har med sin breda och gedigna bakgrund i arbetsmiljö- och säkerhetsfrågor varit väldigt värdefullt i vårt arbete med att utveckla oss inom området. Jag kan varmt rekommendera honom till andra som vill arbeta med och utveckla sin säkerhetskultur.”

Moa Haglund

Area Manager, Telia

"Riktigt inspirerande föreläsning som gav oss många bra insikter och tankar till vad vi vill förändra framåt för att nå våra mål."

How may we assist?

Experienced leadership & high performance teams

Risky business requires high performance teams, if you want to keep accidentlevels to a minimum. With that you need a leadership that can build, manage and maintain those teams. Get in touch to find out more.

Risk management

and safety culture

Let us help you work on your

Risk Management or Safety Culture

High risk environment? We will help you build, refurnish or evaluate your satefy system, safety culture and the leadership closely connected to it. .

Get in touch to find out more.



More than 100 years of experience

Tobhias Wikström


M.Sc, LtCol, AF (Ret)

Tobhias started his leadership experiences by being team captain for one of the best football teams in Sweden. Then a long career in the Air Force followed. Sqn commander and wing commander flying, based up north close to the arctic circle. He has also worked in the Air Force HQ being responsible for plans and development of fighter squadrons.

Elisa Saarinen

Senior Advisor Environmental law

Elisa has a long experience from working with environmental law. Her first assignment was with the municipality of Stockholm city. Her latest asignment was in the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters in the legal branch, where she worked for over ten years. She has a very long experience from working with permits and appealing consent matters from the Armed Forces perspective.

Anders Segerby

Senior Advisor

LtCol, AF, (Ret)

Anders has a background in the Air Force withholding positions as squadron commander, wing commander flying and chief of staff. Last couple of years he has spent in the HQ, responsible for the Air Force planning section. He also has experience concerning Civil Military Cooperation, CIMIC.


Per-Henrik Karlsson

Business Analyst Marketing Strategy

Per-Henrik has over 22 years of corporate experience in strategic consultancy, business development and marketing across global markets – from Asia Pacific to Central/Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  The areas of specialisations are Go-To-Market strategies such as market opportunity assessments, competitive insights, distribution and value chain analysis, market entry strategy and partner intelligence.

Mats Hakkarainen

Senior Advisor

LtCol, AF, (Ret)

Mats has withheld several positions in the Air Force including squadron commander and wing commander flying as well as head of operations in the Air Force HQ. Mats has several years of experience from the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration where he was head of Europe's largest military test area (Vidsel Test Range). Mats also has thorough knowledge in civil aviation regulations and is still active as AM for AB Dalaflyget at Dala Airport

Claes Bernander

Senior Advisor

M.Sc, LtCol, AF, (Ret)

Claes with a backround as a civil engineer and fighter pilot has been among other things been CTO at one of the Air Force wings, head of Armed Forces training staff, Air Force Current/Plans section. He has also been in charge of the Swedish contribution to the multinational agreement Open Skies. Claes has a thorough understanding and experience in international rules and regulations concerning aviation. 


Per Nilsson

Senior Advisor

Maj, AF, (Ret)

Per started out as a fighter pilot and spent a record of nine years as squadron commander. He has been working in the Air Force HQ with international relations and the Open Skies agreement. Per has also spent several years working with Test and Evaluation at the largest test area over land in Europe at Vidsel Test Range where he was project lead and commanded UAV test robots.

Joakim Vidgren


Joakim has a professional background within PR, PA, marketing, graphic design and webmastering. Degree in journalism. 

Senior Legal Advisor

Erik B:son Blomberg is a recognized lawyer and a former member of Swedish bar association (advokat) with 20+ years of experience from international corporate law, including working with the largest law firms, as well as several in-house positions as Head of Legal of several large private and publicly listed companies in different industries. Erik is a finisher at Ironman World Championship, Hawaii and also a certified Ironman coach. He is an officer (reserve) of the Swedish Air Force.


Patrik Haraldsson

Senior Advisor

Maj, AF, (Ret)

Patrik påbörjade även han sin karriär som stridspilot. Han har också under flera års tid tjänstgjort som flygsäkerhetsofficer.

De sista åren i flygvapnet tillbringade han som flygplatschef. Efter detta har Patrik varit tillförordnad Verksamhetsansvarig (Flygplatschef), och Senior Advisor på Pajala Flygplats och jobbar just nu som Safety Manager/mentor på Flygplatsen. 

Patrik har lång erfarenhet och djup kunskap kring de olika regelverk som är relaterade till flygsäkerhet, flygplatsdrift och flygverksamhet. Han deltar också i utvecklingsarbetet kring ”Grön flygplats". 

Pär Lundberg

Senior Advisor Communication & Information Systems

Maj, AF, (Ret)

Pär has a long experience from different leading positions within  public authorities as well as in business cooperations.

Pär is a former CIS-officer within the Swedish Air Force with many years of experience. He also has a thorough experience from working with applicants testing and qualification for the Armed Forces. Pär´s last assignment was starting up the Armed Forces PsyOps unit. 

Pär has worked for several of the major consultancy firms with leading positions in security matters and military and civial cooperation. Pär is now joing us after being in charge of Sweco´s management and development section. 

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If you work for Parachute Consulting you have been tested, selected, educated, trained  and proven as a realiable partner during circumstances many would call, to say the least, demanding.

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